06 June, 2004 For a next time in the row Stiff-Manufacturing is amongst the hot news! After months of hard work, the next wonderful creation saw day light. This time the scale is 1:10 and the locomotive is quite well known. Expect a detailed article and photographs about (Deutsche Herressfeldbahnen) DHF 278 very soon...

24 May, 2004 The Photo gallery is opened. We start to fill in all the photographs of the Bulgarian Railways "steam traction .

03 April, 2004 The Links section is opened. At this time we have published links to the sites of leading railway models manufacturers. Step by step in the time we shall seal the section with more information, thus hoping we shall help to the users and save their time in looking for information.

06 February, 2004 The DHF426 narrow gauge tenders have been manufactured by the BORSIG-BERLIN factories. Tenders of that type have been created by some other factories within Europe about 200 pieces. The purpose of the tenders is the transportation of 1800 kilograms of coals, 500 litres of water and 100 kilograms of sand. The hereby presented model, has been accomplished in a 1:20 scale, as it is an addition to the narrow gauge DHF 1007 locomotive ...

23 November, 2003 The steam narrow gauge D locomotives have been produced by the Henschel-Cassel factories. The purpose of those machines is to serve the military narrow gauge railways during the First World War - Deutsche Herressfeldbahnen (DHF). The locomotive has a steam engine of the Zwilling type and a car axle formula (0-4-0). The model is completed in a 1:20 scale. She has a moving mechanism and an illumination, which are powered by a 12 V DC currency...

Stiff-Manufacturing Creates precise desktop models of locomotives and other types of railroad equipment in different scales. Mainly, our models are made in scales 1:20, 1:10 and 1:87 as the most frequently used materials are: steel, cuprum, aluminium, brass and wood. The creation process takes thousands of hours, working by jewellery methods. Our masterpieces exist in many private collections all over the world. We are able to accomplish assignments in all the available scales of the world modelling.

DHF 278, drawing.

Tender 426, drawing.

Other NEWS

For months we are preparing the sites content. The difficulties we are faced to, come of the materials collecting, their processing and our attempts for the creation of a serious both amateurish and professional atmosphere. Our aim is the visitors to get as much as possible detailed and useful information on the subject of the railroad modelling. Some other general sections of the site are: The Bulgarian State Railroads (BDZ) and the Photo gallery section. Within them, we shall do our best to create a contentful database of articles and photographs.

A new event for our site is the Digital Railroading section. There, all the fans of the train simulations like Microsoft Train Simulator, will be able to make their selves familiar with the our models of the Bulgarian State Railways movable consist, as well as to download some free of charge promotional models in a full content virtual cabins and sounds!

The biggest part of the navigations links do not work yet, since they are still under development.