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October 18, 2006 Get ready for sleepless days and nights, full of meneuver activities with the first Bulgarian model of a locomotive for MSTS. As you can see from the box, this is the diesel hydraulic locomotive Class 55 from BDZ, coming along with covered and open top freight wagons - Gabs and Eas. Digital Railroading wishes you Happy Holidays!

Screenshot of 55-068.1,
built in "23 August" - Bucurest

The home depot of 55-068. 1 is Burgas.

And now...the set!

Click on the image to DOWNLOAD the set

December 12, 2005 On the occasion of Christmas and New Year holidays, we decided to surprise the Microsoft Train Simulator's fans in Bulgaria, with the open wagon KS. May you be all healthy and happy, and the new year be full of add-ons and joy in your eyes! Sincerely yours, Digital Railroading TEAM-Bulgaria.

Click on the image to DOWNLOAD the Add-On

November 11, 2005 We present at your attention some consist units, we currently work on.

V60D 52-046 - AEG Schienenfahrzeuge- Germany

SGP 04-25 Siemmering Graz Pauker - Austria

August 6, 2005
Today we are publishing yet another fresh screenshot.

After a hard days' work 52-046 heads back to the depot for a rest.

August 1, 2005 Despite the holiday season, a part of our project keeps progressing. The work on locomotives class 52 (V60D) has advanced vastly. There is also a great step forward in the development of the steam locomotives: class 36 and 46 (first shipment). We also work on a Bulgarian route that will be available in December.

52-046 BDZ
water tower

Tender locomotives 46 (46.03), first shipment, Hipolit Cegielski - Poland

May 2, 2005 At last we have got some fresh screenshots from the cabviews of class 55 and the DGKu dresine. The work on the cabviews will finish very soon.

Ferbruary 19, 2005 The long waited section Digital Railroading - an inseparable part of the Railwaymodeling.com project, was officially opened! Like every beginning, this one was tough as well. For those of you who are less familiar with this matter, allow us to say that the work on the Microsoft Train Simulator compatible Bulgarian railway traction , began early in the summer of 2002 . The revolutionary for its time game, unlike anything the world had seen before, was steadily climbing the tops of the market. It was the time when the first clubs formed by 3D designers, 2D painters, historians and railway fans from all over the world; began to shape up. All those people were holding in their hands a product, giving to them the unique opportunity of a creative approach to the add-ons development, a genuine recreation of local routes, locomotives and rolling stock, as well as their union in the so called Activities. The teams' experience is based on a particularly difficult atmosphere , having lack of knowledge, a lot of time spent in mastering new tools in the game-modelling and an adaptation to the game-engine, created by Kuju Entertainment . We were pursued by the lack of tutorials, technical documentation and adequate understanding. Probably many people who have visited the Russian projects - www.trainsim.ru and www.project-sim.net, remember the models of the type DGKu-5 dresine, available in three sets of colour - in the BDZ (Bulgarian State Railways) paint style, in the RZD (Russian) scheme and another for the UZ (Ukrainian Railways). This dresine, indeed, was our first attempt in the Microsoft Train Simulator environment, as it was downloaded more than 7000 times from the Internet.

DGKu-136 RZD

In the meantime we started to work on the first Bulgarian diesel locomotive for Microsoft Train Simulator . This was the popular 55-00 class (LDH-125) in two variants - industrial type (55-14.5) and passenger version (55-118.4).


55-118.4 (with boiler) 55-14.5 (industrial version)

Soon came the time of the first Bulgarian type of wagons for the game. This was the EAS open freight car, manufactured by the Wagon factory in Burgas, Bulgaria, thus initiating a new beginning.


In the recent past, two more "representatives" of the Bulgarian rolling stock showed up. These were the GABS type covered freight car and the platform car of RES type .


In the beginning of 2003 we simultaneously started to work both on the first Bulgarian SGP 04-17 diesel-hydraulic locomotive and the RES type container car.


Not so long ago, it was a time to think of the steam traction in the Bulgarian railways. The first representatives, still under development, are the machines of classes 36.10 and The Great 46.03.

Tender locomotive 36.00
Tender locomotive 46.03

Finally, we wish to tell you about one international project. The locomotive is manufactured in the Skoda works. She is a two-section passenger electric locomotive class CH7 (-7-278) of the Russian railways (RZD). The project is carried out in collaboration with tens of railway fans from Russia .

7-278 RZD

Instead of a conclusion, we would like to say that everything you see is a small part of the developments, the Digital Railroading team is working on. Under advanced progress are the following machines:

BDZ 01.23, BDZ 52-00, BDZ 51-00, BDZ 06-00, BDZ 07-00, DB-E69, RZD T-3, an UA hopper as well as a class of passenger wagons from the Bulgarian railways.

The portfolio you currently see is not thorough. Soon you will be able to view the detailed descriptions of our projects as well as the answers of many questions that you might be asking yourself.

Sincerely yours:

Digital Railroading Team - Bulgaria


















High Polygonal - Cabviews
Cabview DGKu. Zaharna Fabrika Station
LDH 125
Cabview LDH125

We have published a few screen-shots of our virtual cabviews developments. What you see in the moment is something that took us months of High Polygonal 3D work. Even the preparation for the work lasted months, having in mind the hundreds of photographs that were needed for the creation of a realistic cabin interior. The amount of "triangles" in the three dimensional scene has often exceeded 200000. Apart of the seen here, we are currently working on the cabview of the 04 class diesel locomotive, as well as on the cabviews of the "standardised" Bulgarian steam locomotives.

Cabview DGKu